Laura (gateleaf) wrote in sg_fun,

Team Stargate Worlds

Being a motorsport fan and obviously a Stargate fan I think this is the most brilliant news!

Team Stargate Worlds Enters the 2009 Atlantic Championship Series

And the drivers get to become galactic space racers in the game! How sweet is that?!

Check out this thread @ the offical Stargate Worlds forum for comments from the Community Manager! Official news and pics from the Unveiling should be up at the site in the next few days!

The first race of the seeason is March 20th @ Sebring International Raceway, Florida.

Lets all wish them well!

Thanks to sg1_solutions for the heads up!

I can't get the fic Fireball by Celli Lane out my head now... which is not a bad thing at all... if you've not read it check it out! Or the podfic by shaenie, it's totally awesome! *is off to bed to listen again with a contented-stargatemakestheworldawesome-sigh*
Tags: news/info, team stargate worlds
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