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daniel bookgasm

gateleaf in sg_fun


Stargate themed hangman!

Can be a character, a race, a planet, a ship or a piece of technology.

* Probably best to reply to the previous comment until there is a winner and then that person starts a new game in a new thread. Having multiple games on the go may also work... we'll see!



---- -----
is there an "e"?
Yup! Well done :)

E--- ----E
Looks like this is a single person game. lol

How about an "L" ?
I guess so ;)

E--- L---E

An R?


Is it Evan Lorne?

Made worse by the last icon I used. lol

I know. I pondered over whether to accept your icon as your answer :)

Well Done! Of course it was:


enjoy your prize ;)

Evan Lorne
I love my prize!!!! Thanks! I will love and cherish it and pet it and do other unmentionable things to it. hehehehe

Well, that had to be the longest game of hangman in history. We'll have to do better next time. *grins*